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Tammy Tomich-Gandee

Tammy L Tomich


Certified EAL/EAP Facilitator

ES-EMDR Equilateral Protocol

Tammy L Tomich, an adept Equine Specialist, JFB Myofascial Release Therapist, and Educator, is dedicated to serving her community and finds fulfillment in offering opportunities for growth and healing to others. As an Equine Specialist, her primary objective is to share her extensive equine knowledge, contributing to the enhancement of both horse and human experiences. Grounded in a profound understanding of anatomy and function, she incorporates this knowledge into all her educational initiatives.

With over fifteen years of experience in myofascial release therapy, Tammy has played a vital role in promoting health and wellness, from Oncology Rehabilitation to establishing her current clinic, 906 Wellness/Equine, which caters to the agricultural community. Her teaching capabilities have facilitated the growth of various student populations, evident in her roles as an instructor in clinical settings with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in continued education with Phoenix College’s Therapeutic Massage program, and as a seminar assistant for Dr. Mark Barnes Equine MFR series. 

Tammy, along with her husband, Frank Gandee, has opened their ranch to the community, providing a conducive environment for health and well-being through equine-assisted programs. Certified equine assisted facilitators through Greg Kersten’s OK Corral Series, they, along with their therapeutic herd, offer unique equine-assisted courses for individuals of all ages. Tammy and Frank's unwavering commitment to community is palpable, as their mission to create a safe and trusted space for growth becomes evident the moment one enters the ranch gate.

Frank Gandee

Certified EAL/EAP Facilitator


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